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Why Christians Must Spend Quality Time In God’s Presence.

Why Christians Must Spend Quality Time In God’s Presence.
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     Cynthia Okoduwa (not her real name), who attends a prophetic church, loves to go to church on time, because she believes that early arrivals always get the best of God’s blessing. But of recent, she is uncomfortable that the service which ought to last for three hours now lasts for five hours sometimes leaving members exhausted after service and unable do any meaningful thing with the rest of the day.
This situation has not only reduced her zeal about going to church very early but also her interest in church activities. She now goes to church whenever she feels like going and would always complain about long sermons and other activities of the church.
Her experience is not different from many church goers who are uncomfortable with the long hours spent in the church and would want the situation changed to enable church goers accommodate other activities in their daily affairs.
Notwithstanding, spending quality time in the presence of God is good as it avails believers more to worship God and to have the fullness of joy as stipulated in Psalm 16 verse 11: “Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” It is only in the presence of God that divinity meets with humanity. However, like the Bible instructed us that all things should be done in moderation, and time for everything under the earth.
Apostle (Dr.) Chima Imaga, the Senior Pastor of City Of Grace International Church, Oke-ira, Ogba, Lagos State, while sharing his view with Sunday INDEPENDENT Believing said that most Christians are lazy and have proud hearts, asthey prefer to spend much time doing frivolous things than spending time in God’s presence.
“God said we have six days to work, and to do all things that we ne need to but on Sundays should be for him, now we are dictating time for God.
“Someone who is in the hospital does not check time, also when we are in the church we should not check time,”Imaga viewed.
The cleric stated further that we were suppose to fellowship with God and must be in His presenc.
He said that: “The bible says in the presence of God there is fullness of joy , you cannot find joy anywhere except in the presence of God.”
He also said many Christians are facing many challenges today because they don’t spend quality time with God. “What are they rushing home to do after service, we do not go to work on Sundays. Sunday is set asisde for the worship of God and Him alone. I don’t think there is any pastor that will keep his members long on a week day, the programme may just be an evening service that would last forn one to two hours.
“Moreover, just as Apostle Paul said, they sold their lands, brought the money to the Apostles’ feet and they were breaking bread and praying day and night,” he said.
Rev. Cajetan Unanka the Senior Pastor of The Lords Mercy Assembly, noted that the new generation Christians no longer observe Sabbath as stipulated in the scripture.
“I think since Sunday is now the Sabbath, we should give it the quality time it requires, worshiping God , because Sunday is an holy day, even the government kept Sunday as a work free day.
“Also it is not everybody that opens their offices shop on Sunday; some of the activities that take place on Sunday is either village meetings, family meetings and probably visiting friends. I know that there are things we can do in the presence of God, and I am not against church members associating with friends and families, but when we look at what God is doing for us, we should make that day sacred for God,” he expressed.
He however said that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet, and there should be a time limit for church services. “Church services cannot be the whole day, when the sermon is too lengthy, the people become bored.
“The ministering of the word should be within 45 minutes, and within that time the pastor should be able to give a refreshing message that can motivate the people, then other protocols can follow, a proper service should not be more than two hours,” he said.
Unanka stated further that most of the things that keep people too long in the church after service are departmental meetings.
“When you look at some of the churches that have large crowds, they conduct more than one service, and they still manage their time well. But if the church you attend closes late for that should not make you go to church late, because going to church is about the mind set.
“Some people go to church not even knowing why they are in the church, they see going to church as a tradition.
Sundays are free days we go to church to open up to God those things that are bothering us, but when you come with time frame, thinking of another appointment , you are bound to lose concentration,” he added.
Also stating his view Apostle Victor Amara, Senior Pastor of Victory Bowels
Ministries maintained that spending
quality time in the house of God is worthy irrespective of the time spent. He said the church is breeding Christians that are not spiritually matured because of those short services that last within two hours.
“You can’t plant a seed that would give you good harvest and expect it to germinate under an hour, there are some seeds you plant, in one month they have not germinated and even when they germinate, they need time to grow, and to bear fruit.
“That is the kind Of training that is required in the church, if you want to get matured Christians, you have to feed them with the word, and the word cannot be fed in a rush and as Jesus commanded us to feed his sheep. “
      The Organisation Of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), sometime held a seminar for its leaders on the essence of effective time management.Speaking at Chapel of Christ the Light hall during the seminar on theme: “Leadership And Time Management”, Baba Aladura, Dr. Israel Akinadewo, Supreme Head of Motailatu Church Cherubim and Seraphim Worldwide (MCCSW) and Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),said effective time management is the hallmark of A successful leader, Church or other organisations.
Akinadewo, pointed out that God is a God of time as such his followers must be good stewards of time.
“Time management makes organisations to be success driven. When you don’t manage your time well failure is inevitable. Any organisation with African time as part of it won’t grow,” he stated.
He also viewed that instead of leaders seeking tenure elongation they should make positive impacts with their positions and leave behind good legacy wherever they find themselves.
“Don’t have regrets of what you can avoid, plan ahead and use your tenure well,” he advised.
Corroborating Akinadewo on time management, Apostle David Elo the President of Believers House of Freedom (BHF), noted that God is a working God, and expects people to be at work during work hours.
“In Genesis 3, the bible said that God always come down to spend time with Adam, God did not come in the morning because he expect him to be busy, and does not come in the morning or in the afternoon, he comes in the evening when Adam has finish his work, so that they can have time to discuss, God is a worker, that is why he said that if you don’t work you should not eat”
The Cleric said, spending the whole day in the church does not add value to the believer.
“When you go to church where you spend the whole day there, and you don’t have time for yourself, then there is a problem, it does not add any value to you, the only value it has is probably for the church or the pastor.
“If you go to church and you are tired, you carry your bag and leave. Are your legs tied there? You can’t satisfy somebody and destroy yourself, ” he stated.
Elo stated further that the notion that God can only be found in the church must be corrected.
Continuing he said that: “We must correct this notion that people think it is only in church that you would have God, God does not stay in any building built by man, He says we are the church. It does not mean if I want to meet God I have to go to the church, that does not mean we should not go to church, because the bible said we should not forsake the gathering of his people.
“I have this experience, in my car, when I was driving, I was going to Magodo Nepa, then I was in winners, a lady called Rita called me from Italy, she was in the hospital, she had a ruptured Fallopian tube, I wanted to pray for her successful operation, and she knew what was in my mind, she said, she don’t want to lose her child that I should pray for her. and I said in the name of Jesus let your ruptured Fallopian tube received healing
and let the baby return to the womb, the lady called me back and she was crying and laughing, she said immediately after the prayer, she told the doctor that she want another scan, but she said the doctor said that I thought you have spoken with a pastor that the operation would be successful. They did another scan the baby returned to the womb, and the ruptured Fallopian tube was healed .”
“The bible said that the true worshipers would worship Him in truth and in the spirit, so the idea of gathering people in a certain place, and they must remain there for hours so that they can meet God is a lie, they are strategy of deception there is no God there.
“What annoys me most is going to church during working hours, if you are in the shop learning trade, it would be better and not every day going to church to sit how would you get blessed sitting in the church.”
The cleric added that the purpose of going to church should be to fellowship with God, invest time and not to waste time.
“Pastors must know that we are in a material world where people need to work to make money, there are some churches that have service from Monday to Friday, I call it a wicked church, you should have time for the people to think, to make progress, they have responsibilities, and bills to pay. Any service during work hour is anti scriptural, because God does not fellowship with you during working hour, He fellowships with us after we have finished work,” he added.
In the same vein, Sam Agwu, an Analyst, said in the developed countries people do not spend much time in church like Christians do in Nigeria,
“If everybody in Nigeria is gainfully employed, nobody would be attending lengthy week days program, because they would be busy, being productive,” he said.
He however attributed the much time spent in church to unemployment, and economic hardship in the country.
His words: “You see, people tend to seek succor in the house of God, most people you see in the church especially during the week, have nothing doing, because if I am gainfully employed, what would I be doing in the church from 10am in the morning to 5pm in evening?”
Joy Uche a member of a prophetic church who does not want the name of her church in print said, her pastor is a prophet that has the gift to see things in the spiritual realm, and that makes their service to take longer time to end. “In my
church so many people come to church with diverse problems seeking for solution, and our prophet has the gift to see the roots of any situation, and also solutions,” Uche said
She added that deliverance prayers are conducted for those that need deliverance, “and these prayers take time too.You don’t have to be in a hurry when you are conducting deliverance for people, it is like a battle, you don’t fight battles in a hurry.”



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