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First of all I just want to say thank you our most esteemed and wonderful user or visitor for visiting Timpacloud.

TimpaCloud can be divided into two parts which are:

1. Timpa which is a Sicilian word meaning "Strong Slope"
2. Cloud is an acronym for Community of Learned and OUtstanding Dwellers (Which are Christians).
In conclusion "Timpacloud" means "A strong Community of Learned OUtstanding Dwellers(Christians)".

Timpacloud is a Christian community where Christians meet and share sermons, Gospel messages, Gospel music, ask questions about Christianity and also help other Christians. It was officially launched in 2018. .


Our mission is to create a Christian community where knowledge and ideas are shared, questions are answered and problems are solved.


Our vision is to ensure that we win more and more souls to Christ.


Revenue or Income made monthly from Timpacloud.com 10℅ is used as tithe, while some part of it is used to pay for maintenance such as website hosting, domain name, airtime, data ,graphics and programming , the huge part of Timpacloud's monthly income is used to fund T.G.P which is "The Grace Project" , a non-governmental charity organization. Timpacloud's income and revenue would never be used for anything aside spreading the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Timpacloud would never ask or force anyone for donations.


Content(s) on Timpacloud.com are properties of the authors or members and not a reflection of the image of Timpacloud.com .


We the Timpacloud board thank you all for the support and love you have shown us. We promise to give you the best and nothing but the best there is.
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Thank you once again and GOD bless you all.

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